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You may have noticed chat has disappeared again. It seems that Ning has removed all Widget Laboratory products from Ning-powered sites. I'm not clear on the details -- on which Widget Labs and Ning seem to disagree -- but it seems to have something to do with a Terms of Service dispute.

At any rate, Ning has posted the following in their Network Creators forum:

I wanted to provide another update today on what we’re currently working on and plan to offer going forward in light of yesterday’s events.

Network Chat – we began working on a network chat feature this morning. The feature set and final timing is still a work-in-progress, but our goal is to have something for your network released by Wednesday. As we get more visibility into the schedule and features this weekend, we will be providing updates here on Network Creators. This will mean that we’ll post new information – good and bad news, whatever we’ve got – as we get it. The risk here is that we set the wrong expectations, but we want to err on the side of more information rather than less as we are working towards this solution.

So, they seem to intend to provide a replacement soon. I will let you know if I learn anything new. Sorry for the inconvenience, folks!

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Ning is hoping to roll out their new chat feature Thursday night.

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