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Former Lion King puppeteer's new PUPPET WEB SERIES on youtube.

So happy to have found this site!

I'd be so grateful if folks would check out my youtube channel, The Invader Brian Show.


I fell in love with puppetry when I got cast in Disney's The Lion King, in which I played Timon for 7 years on tour, Taiwan , Vegas and London's West End.

I got to know the puppet department very well, obviously, and started making puppets with their help and materials.

This series utilizes my favorite puppet I ever made - a gnarly spaceworm alien guy, named Invader Brian.

The premise of the series is: an alien who has come to Earth to prep the planet for colonization has started a talk show in the attic of a house.  The invasion fleet isn't returning his emails anymore and he's starting to wonder if they're ever coming.  So, together with his best friend, Pinecone (a pinecone) he's passing the time making the weirdest vlog ever.

It's clean, irreverent and hopefully funny.  Also, probably okay for ages 10 and up.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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Here are some shots!


New Episode today:


Thanks for checking it out!

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