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There was a puppeteer named Bobby Clark who was based in Chicago in the 1960's he created two large scale productions Pinocchio, and Alladin. The Pinocchio production toured well into the 80's. These were both very large productions with around 100 marionettes ranging in size from 2 to six feet and requiring around 6 or more puppeteers per production. Even after Clark's death the producer Rubin Budrow took over even claiming it was his production. He even switched his name with Clark's in the program bio. The original read Bobby Clark gathered his artist together the create the 101 life sized marionettes..... It was then changed to Rubin Budrow gathered his artist together......... Budrow also had large scale productions of Sleeping Beauty, Alladin, and Babes in Toyland with puppets created by Bob Kramer. Little is known about those productions except that they did not seem to be commercially successful. The puppets by Kramer however were very beautiful. It seems Clark passed away sometime in the late 70's under mysterious circumstances. Late Chicago puppeteer Ray Nelson seemed to think drugs were somehow involved, but this is just runor. I saw Pinocchio at the Civic theater in Chicago at age 8 and then at the Studebaker Theater when I was 21 or 22. there are a few pictures in old puppetry journals but very little is known by any of the Chicago puppeteers about this man. If anyone has information to add to this chapter in chapter in Chicago puppet history we would love to know more.

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Hi David,

    I happen to have a Dutch Girl puppet that was used in Bobby Clark's Pinocchio. I saw the show in Boston as kid, back in the 60's. I saw the puppet on ebay a number of years ago and purchased it. I wondered what might have happened to the other marionettes.

Thanks for posting. I saw the magician from Aladin in the Detroit Institute of Arts colection , but no Pinoc. puppets. I guess as they were dispersed people got their hands on them in one way or another.

Do you know Bobby Clark's birthdate? Death?

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