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Hi folks,

I'm a newbie here, amateur lover of marionettes and puppets.  As a child I inherited my mother's puppet and marionette books from the 1920s through 1950 or so.  I made a number of marionettes of different materials, but really loved the practice marionette made from manilla or oak tag.  I still have some of the original (but incomplete) set of patterns, shown below.  When she broke up housekeeping I tried to retrieve all my favorite craft books but couldn't find the original that these patterns came from. Turns out she let someone raid her sewing pattern and craft books.  I've been searching the web, WorldCat, local library catalogues, Google books, ebay, etc. but cannot find the book that these came from.  Can anyone help me with the title, author, even ISBN?  I'd like to locate an original copy with the patterns, or a digital one for that matter...want to set up a class for kids to make this marionette.  Thanks!

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