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xylophone with puppets attached to his sticks (is that the actual term..?)

Found mention searching from a Chicago Tribune comment board:

Was this unique or has anyone seen such anywhere?

** Puppets, seen to dance on a Xylophone - - sort of an early attempt at Chuck E. Cheese/Showbiz pizza concept for kids.   - From Chicago Tribune, "What ever happened to? column comments posted"

-- Hey, thanks for mentioning the Big Banjo (assuming we're talking about the same one on Roosevelt Rd. in Glen Ellyn?). I worked there in high school (circa 1974) and later at its successor restaurant owned by the same people. To this day the best thin-crust pizza I ever ate (or made...). Does anyone remember the Duane Thamm family music act that played there? Duane Sr. on the xylophone with puppets attached to his sticks (is that the actual term..?) so it looked like the puppets were dancing; his wife Candy the clown handing out prizes during games and songs; and 12-year-old son Duane Jr. on the drums (big number: "Wipeout") and occasionally singing ("You Are the Sunshine of My Life.") They packed them in during kids' birthday parties on weekends...

next post-

-- I'm guessing that Mr. Thamm played the marimba xylophone, because Brenda was a dedicated marimba musician when we were in grade school. I didn't know the Thamms had a family music act.

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