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Hello puppet people,
I'm interested to know how you guys joint your puppets. Are the joints made of wood? plastic? just string or maybe leather? My marionette Freya's joints were made of Polymorph but I'm working on a Polymorph (friendly plastic) and wire combination to give movement in only the right direction but with lots of freedom. Maybe then coving with batting and fabric.

If anyone has any suggestions on what works, what doesn't, or just something new to try I'd love to hear your ideas!


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Double screw eyes work well for necks, as well as cord joints. single screw eye with a nail or "pin" running through it. The Marionette Source Book by Luman Coad is a good guide for this sort of thing,as is the Puppet Theatre Handbook by Marjorie Batchelder Mcpharlin, Marionettes a Hobby For Everyone by Mabel Beaton [now back in print]  go to the puppetry store link at www.puppeteers.org also any of the marionette construction books by Davids Curell . Good reference books are essential to any puppeteer wanting to learn. All of these books have the answers you are looking for well illustrated through drawings or photos

In my current project (a 2 ft tall Fred Astaire marionette) I'm using:

*A hollow dowel neck with joints at both ends (inside head string goes through a crossbar to a knot and bead, then string runs through shoulder piece at bottom and is knotted into a countersunk hole).

*A ball waist joint, joined with cords ruon L and R side running up through armpits and down through pelvis piece.

*A turnbuckle hip joint, allowing movement in 2 directions (normal "walk" front and back but also out to the side). Important range of motion for a dancer.

*Leather knee, ankle, and wrist joints (just a double thickness of leather glued into the slots).

*Leather loops for the arms that loop through staples at each shoulder, joining to wooden dowel forearm pieces (secured with glue and wrapped string) -- makes very flexible arms for a dancer.


Sounds really good Gina, maybe you could post some pictures sometime, I'd love to see :)

Thanks so much, guys! I'll give it a shot!

Where can you get trunk fiber now a days?


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