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Hi all

I am new to the Hub.  I have recently started making marionettes more as art than as performance puppets.  I work in polymer clay.   Though I would love to learn to carve marionettes I am not skilled in the wood working area. 

Currently, my controllers are sad little things.  They are sort of an afterthought as my real pleasure is in creating the puppets.   I don't think I can take on building complicated controllers.  Alas, this means that the puppets are fairly limited in motion.  I think with better controllers I could expand on their abilities.

I wonder if anyone could direct me to a source where I can buy reasonably priced, and fairly simple straight forward controllers.  Or if you could suggest a construction method using very limited woodworking tools.




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Here is a diagram of the airplane control that I have used with a group of middle schoolers.  It is easy to make and works well.  To be more artistic and go better with your lovely puppets, make it out of dowel rather than pvc pipe.  I used the pvc because it was cheaper and I had it on hand.


Dear Susan ,

For a really good bok that has very clear illustrations of good simple controls go to Amazon and look for a copy of Marionettes a Hobby For Everyone. OIt's one of "the bibles" of marionette craft. However Susan Vandeweghe's control is very good!

Thanks Susan! That looks like a manageable controller for me to try out.

And thank you David. I just ordered the book, and am looking into the Chicago puppetry guild.


Jim Gamble has very kindly posted his controllers on his wonderful website- with his great puppets .

You can see the selection controlls here-


enjoy !-Eric Smith



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