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What are the best and quickest string puppet learning resources??

Dear marionette folks,

I have an audition coming up next tuesday and feel that I lack experience as a puppeteer with string puppets.  What are the best resources for learning some quick marionette tecnique?




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A good book would be "Marionette's a hobby for everyone by beaton has good exercises, but a marionette is required to do these.
I agree with Daniel, the Beaton Book is a must. If you have a marionette stand in front of the mirror and just experiment. Watch what the puppet does, and how it responds. See what you can do to make it walk, wave, bow, sit etc. There are no quick ways to learn this skill. Hands on and lots of time and some natural ability are of great importance.

The hardest part about manipulating marionettes is, while the figure is suspended by strings, the puppeteer has to make the character look as if its connected to the ground and supporting its own weight. Giving the appearance of the figure shifting weight from one foot to the other (walking) is probably the hardest movement to master and the surest way of breaking the illusion for the audience. I totally agree with David that a mirror is an indispensable tool for mastering this skill. It gives you instant feedback on what your performance looks like from the audience's view and it NEVER lies...


Good Luck but most importantly, have fun!

Thank you all!  Good advice.

Good series here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4CDhBc0kWo&feature=BFa&list...


Hope that helps,



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