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Paid Access Info

The Lifetime membership option will remain available to current members as well as new incoming members, and so will remain in the pulldown menu in the sign up area.

Hi Hubbers,

When you sign in to Puppet Hub you will come to a landing page where you will have the option to choose an annual membership at $6 or a lifetime membership at $25.  Even though PayPal is doing the processing, you are NOT required to become a PayPal member to use your credit or debit card.  If you are already a PayPal member you will be able to use your existing account to make the payment.  If you are making payments with another currency from outside the US, the exchange rate will automatically be calculated by the issuer of your credit card in conjunction with PayPal.  Each year on the anniversary of your becoming a paid annual member, you will receive a reminder email that the membership is coming due.

Please note:  Puppet Hub remains a public site.  This means that anyone, even non-members, may view any area of the website -- except groups that have elected to make themselves "private."   However, as has always been the case, in order to post comments, maintain a profile, or join a group, an individual will need to register as a member.

Current Free Members trying to decide whether or not to become paid members:

We want to make sure everyone has time to consider their options regarding membership in Puppet Hub.  We hope you see the value in the site and will stay with us.   Obviously our members are what makes Puppet Hub a vital community.  Your profiles will remain online and you may view, but not alter your profile pages, photos, and videos without signing in.

**Anyone who has a question about, or an issue with the new pricing structure or payment method, financial concerns or hardship, and/or would like to discuss any matter with us:

Please contact us by email at admin(at)puppethub.com or message us through the website.  We don't want to lose any members and are happy to help make this transition to paid site easier for everyone!

Thank you!

Your Friendly Admins

A Personal Note:   It is a bit of an experiment to start asking for dues, even a small amount, for membership in the website.  It was not our intent when we brought Puppet Hub to the Ning platform several years ago to charge membership dues.  Unfortunately the costs we have to pay to keep the site up have risen dramatically in the last couple of years as Ning has increased what they charge for the service.  In order to keep Puppet Hub going we realized it was time to bite the bullet and hope that people would see value in the community and help support it through paid membership.  This is in no way a big money maker for us -- it isn't intended to be so.  We only want to make the site self supporting.  That being said, we have to reserve the right to make changes to this new system.  If it becomes apparent after some time that we have to alter our approach in order to make the site work better, we may have to change the annual pricing structure.  We won't change the current member lifetime membership pricing,  We may, however, choose to offer lifetime memberships sometime in the future to newly joining members, and that may be at a different rate than the current $25.  In the future we may also decide to offer advertising on the site in order to help support it.  If so, we'll go out of our way to make it minimally intrusive and for services that would benefit our membership.  In the meantime please let us know if you have any questions about anything.  We'll do our best to help.

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