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Gordon Smuder
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Profile Information

Minneapolis, Monstersota
Relationship to Puppetry
Puppet builder, puppet performer, creator and producer of Transylvania Television
What First Got Me Interested in Puppetry
There was a time when I wasn't?
My Puppetry (or Puppet) Hero
Jerry Juhl, Sid & Marty Krofft, Kosmo Allegretti, Rod Hull.
If I Were a Puppet, I'd Be...
hanging on a peg, probably.
More About Me:
Capital letters: ATHEIST. "Puppet ministry" drives me bats. Also, I sympathize, but I'm not about puppetry for philanthropic purposes like saving the rainforest or preventing teen pregnancy. Its about entertainment for me. Drama, comedy, whatever. but I'm not into "message" puppetry. If I was, trust me, I'd be making subversive liberal puppet videos all day long.

Now that you think I'm a complete bastard, get to know me and find out how nice a guy I really am!
My Company/Troupe/Group
The Puppet Forge is my DBA. The Puppet Forge is all about puppetry on video. I absolutely despise doing live shows. If I could do video puppetry for the rest of my days, I would.

To see some of my work, go watch the episodes and extra web content we've done at www.transylvania-tv.com OR subscribe to Transylvania Television on iTunes (its FREE!) under "podcasts".
Affiliations/Professional Organizations
Lets just call this the "day job" category. In my day job I run a special effects company called MINNEFEX, Inc. We've done movies and TV commercials and still photography jobs for the pst 20 years. If you'd like to see some of the coolest stuff we've done, go check out the adventures of the retro-startrek web show called Starship Exeter at www.starshipexeter.com We did most of the special effects for the episode "Tressaurian Intersection".
2nd Website

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Gordon Smuder's Blog

What's happenin' with TVTV

Posted on April 11, 2011 at 12:24pm 0 Comments

Hey guys,

Just a quickie update (for those of you who are prone to care! LOL!) on Transylvania Television:

We are currently putting all our efforts to assembling a package of six to ten half hour shows using some of our previous material and some all-new comedy pieces.  


Why?  Well, we got an "offer" from a station down in Houston, Tx.  The offer was "send us whatever you got in half-hour format and we'll run 'em for you."

Which is free airtime in one of…


Intellectual Property and the Muppets

Posted on October 6, 2009 at 6:43pm 8 Comments

It is sometimes boggling how willfully ignorant some folks can be.

I used to frequent Muppet Central as well as a board called Replica Prop Forum. I still hang at the RPF on occasion, but the "spread" of conversation there is much broader than at MC. And I'm not slamming on MC here... just some of the posters there.

And what's wrong with the posters there?

Well, some of them think they have the right to reproduce and sell replicas of the Muppet… Continue

Transylvania Television available on iTunes!!!

Posted on July 21, 2009 at 1:21pm 0 Comments

Hey folks,

You can now get lovely views of TVTV on iTunes!

Just search "transylvania" under "podcasts" and hit "subscribe"!!

New puppet funny every friday through October!!



Posted on March 9, 2009 at 4:10pm 9 Comments


NOTE: This is a body of writing that is quite old. Like seven or eight YEARS old. But I’m very proud of it. I think it’s not only funny but well written. That may just be me.

But when you read it, I hope it will give you a little insight as to what the more-than-average person experiences when auditioning for the Muppets.

Read on....

Yessir, it’s been one helluva week. Actually about a week and a… Continue

Jim Henson Exhibit sucks...

Posted on March 4, 2009 at 5:47pm 0 Comments

HA!!! Got you!! Made you look!

Actually, the Jim Henson exhibit currently at the Orlando History Center in Florida is pretty darned cool.

There are several original "vintage" puppets on display as well as some professionally made reconstructions. There's an original Rowlf, and original Kermit, and several truly vintage pieces including Sir Linnit from one of Jim's cooler advertising gigs. There's an Ernie and Bert (possibly reconstructions), Gobo and Cantus from Fraggle… Continue

Comment Wall (18 comments)

At 1:35pm on January 17, 2009, Michelle said…
Hey Gordon;
Welcome to the "hub". Really enjoyed your videos, great job. Is that a full time gig or just for fun? Also really liked the orange monster great eyes on him.
Again welcome and i look forward to more videos.

Mark & Michelle
The Puppet People
At 12:07pm on January 18, 2009, Michelle said…
Hey Gordon;
Quick question: What do you use inside your puppets to secure your hand?
In the past we have used foam tubes, a piece of elastic and even regular polyfil stuffing but after short time the insides fall apart.
We use mouth puppets in a couple of our shows and since we do the shows alot on tour we always seem to have problems.
Also i am curious because as you know the more your hand is secured to the puppet the better your puppeteering will be.

Mark & Michelle
The Puppet people
At 7:01pm on January 19, 2009, PuppetSmith said…
Hey Gordon!
At 12:17pm on January 21, 2009, brian said…
I love your picture!! Thanks for the new friend! So do you use the SFX in your puppet shows?
At 12:39pm on January 21, 2009, brian said…
All I do is live performance. Are there a lot of difference between live and video?
At 12:47pm on March 25, 2009, Martin P. Robinson said…
Smuder!...you Old Dog; great to hear from you....but more importantly how is our dear Count LeShoc? i still find myself thinking about HIM alot...alright; pretty much constantly....it's not like i'm in thrall to HIM or anything...but HE is the most fascinating creature...imaginable! ...and i had a good imagination before i met HIM. i hope HE still considers me a member in "bad" standing of HIS midnight Zombie Legion...cause goodness; i am striving to be worthy...
i'm not complaining or anything, but i haven't heard from the Count lately...and still only have issue 1 volume 1 of the Transylvanian Epitaph...i am not off HIS mailing list am i?
Anyhow Gordon...what's up with you? My dear wife Annie and I have brand-spankin'-new five week old twin girls; Lyra and Ripley...so my life as I knew it is pretty much over. As a funny friend of mine put it: when the girls graduate from High School; I'll be 107.
...anything you can do to ingratiate me to The Count would be greatly appreciated....
....the Dominion of Darkness rules!.....Martin Robinson
P.S...Forry Ackerman: rest in peace you old punster.
At 11:09am on March 26, 2009, Martin P. Robinson said…
Heya Gordo...
Yes; when I conduct auditions for Sesame International productions, I am Absolutely clear what they are for...how many I am hiring, and after the eight hours a day eight days long training/audition session actually hire the puppeteers!
Dude...how can I see some of your Transylvania TV shows? ...if LeShoc new I had never actually seen one of his programs, i shudder to thing what HIS response would be.
eagerly awaiting...in an almost toady-like joy: Martin P.R.
At 1:10pm on July 21, 2009, Angelique X said…
Thanks. For the add! I love your posting about "message puppetry" hear hear!
At 9:32am on September 11, 2009, Sam Clemens said…
hey!? did you guys ever end up finding a puppet through your contest for TVTV? what ever happened to that? just wondering.
At 11:53am on September 14, 2009, Martin P. Robinson said…
...I have my copy of the Transylvania Epitaph on my desk (volume 2 issue 1; "ghost writers on strike") but it has been ages since I went to www.TVTV.com. Please do not tell the Count... He would be displeased.
...And I would Love to guest on your show....as what?...me?...or a puppet? Annie's and my Sesame parents site will be up in a month, I'll give you the link...and my babies were 7 months old on Saturday!
Seeya man.....MPRobinson

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