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Well here is all my cast from this morning. I show first how I just mount my clay hand on 1/8 dowel and build it up just a little to make it cone shaped. Next I measure the side and front of the piece and add one inch to each side for strength. I cut out the foam cord board in the sizes needed. I then hot glue them making sure no gaps are in the seams and spray them with krylon to make sure they the silicon does not stick. I them glue the boxes to board again making sure no gaps.

In this case I make two molds at the same time. In two hours you can cut the seams in the foam board, if you are careful you can save these for another mold. making a zigzag motion, I cut the clay pieces. and rubber band the molds back together. I pout in water to fill the mold and then pour it out into a measuring cup to see how much resin it will need. I write this on mold with a marker and small card which I will keep rubber banded on the mold. Mix up your resin pout it in and in just about 30 minutes you have a hand or hip or feet or what ever you need to cast. remember If you remove the hands while they are still hot you can bend the finger to any position and they will stay that way.

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