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What Is the Best Vacuum Cleaner? My Biggest Mistake!

You have to answer the following question. What is important to you about your vacuum cleaner purchase? Is it the amount you spend on your next vacuum, or is it what it will do for your cleaning tasks? What is the best, due to the shark and dyson comparisonThere is nothing worse than getting a new vacuum and getting it out of the box to finally realize you wish you had more information on what was in the box.

Here is an example of what happened to me when I bought my "previous" vacuum. Hopefully this won't happen to you after you read this.

Some time ago, when I finally moved out on my own, I began to take on new responsibilities I never experienced before. One of them was that I had the obligation to go out and buy a vacuum. I don't know about you, but I hate how pet hair gets into EVERYTHING! I love my pets, but they shed way too much. So I did a little research online to see what was out there for my vacuum purchase. Since I was living on my own for the first time, money was an issue. So the first thing was how much was this going to cost me? Immediately I was looking at the vacuums that were on sale and in my budget.

All I could see was that they were out there. And there were plenty to choose from. So, what more did I need to know? So I went down to my local discount store and picked up the one that was "on sale" and in my price range. I took my new purchase home and pulled it out of the box and began to use it. It worked great! No more pet hair. While I had the vacuum cleaner for a couple of months, I thought it was working great. Then one day my friend came over and began to sneeze profusely and had to leave because she couldn't breath.

I wondered what the problem was and she said that she had bad allergies. I couldn't believe it, because I didn't see any pet hair in any of the furniture or the carpet. So the next time, I cleaned the carpet thoroughly as well as put my pets in the basement where they wouldn't affect my friend. She still had the same problem. From there, I began to think that my vacuum wasn't doing the best it could do as it said it would on the box! So what did I learn? I learned to ask myself how well will this vacuum that I am going to purchase clean and remove the dust and dander in the areas that it vacuums? To answer my question, price isn't the only thing that is important when buying a new vacuum.

I also learned that when a vacuum is on sale, there are a couple of things going on. Either the store can't get rid of the product, or the manufacturer is getting ready to provide a newer version. Well from what I could see was that this vacuum manufacturer was not going to produce a new version of this model, but DISCONTINUE it! In a straight comparison, no two vacuums are alike. Hopefully it becomes a little more clearer when you think of what is the best vacuum cleaner for your needs. From my experience, it isn't just price, but what are you actually getting for the price you pay. Remember, it's only expensive, if it doesn't work. With that being said, I began to research a new vacuum and from this research, I was able to find that this one I had, had the worst reviews based on deep cleaning. Now when I need to find a new vacuum, it won't be just the price, but what others say about it as well as the quality of the technology it provides.

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